Leonel Henckes


The Actor of the Organicity and the Contemporary Theater


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Leonel Henckes is a highly skilled professional, a versatile and talented actor with over 15 years of experience in performing arts. With a degree in performing arts from the Federal University of Santa Maria (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) and a PhD in performing arts from the Federal University of Bahia (Brazil), with a year exchange at Freie Universität Berlin, Leonel has extensive experience in cast preparation, assistant directing, and producing shows. Additionally, he holds an MBA in Leadership, Innovation, and 4.0 Management and is a fellow of the German Ada | Fellowship leadership and digital transformation program, ensuring his leadership and innovation skills.

Furthermore, his passion for art and innovative vision make him an active participant in the cultural scene, having originated projects that celebrate diversity and inclusion. This means he not only has the technical skills to perform outstanding work, but also the passion and vision to turn ideas into exciting and impactful projects.

Since January 2024, he is the Head of the International Artist Residency Program Vila Sul at the Goethe-Institut Salvador-Bahia. His journey in the Institution includes more than six years in the coordination of the Cultural Programming and Artistic Residency at Vila Sul, leading projects involving 120+ artists from 34 countries and managing complex projects in physical, hybrid, and digital environments.As the program coordinator of the cultural program and international residency program at the Goethe-Institut Salvador-Bahia, Leonel has experience leading teams and working collaboratively with other professionals to achieve common goals. This means he can bring a collaborative and efficient approach to any project, ensuring that all parties work together to achieve success.

As the business director of Melanina Acentuada Interactions, he demonstrated his ability to coordinate large-scale cultural projects, such as the “Dramaturgias da Melanina Acentuada” festival in various cities in Brazil.

His collaboration with the Marinaio Teatro in Berlin, Germany, allowed for the successful realization of several performances, including “The Stranger and Other Ordinary Tales” and “Floresta Debaixo do Mar.” His project “Circulação Floresta Debaixo do Mar: conexão Grécia-Brasil na Bahia” was the winner of the 2015 SECULT/BA Agitação Cultural grant.

In conclusion, Leonel Henckes is a versatile and talented professional with a unique combination of technical skills, passion for art, and innovative vision.

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