Leonel Henckes

Leonel Henckes is a highly skilled professional, a versatile and talented actor with over 15 years of experience in performing arts. With a degree in performing arts from the Federal University of Santa Maria (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) and a PhD in performing arts from the Federal University of Bahia (Brazil), with a year exchange at Freie Universität Berlin, Leonel has extensive experience in cast preparation, assistant directing, and producing shows. Additionally, he holds an MBA in Leadership, Innovation, and 4.0 Management and is a fellow of the German Ada | Fellowship leadership and digital transformation program, ensuring his leadership and innovation skills.

Furthermore, his passion for art and innovative vision make him an active participant in the cultural scene, having originated projects that celebrate diversity and inclusion. This means he not only has the technical skills to perform outstanding work, but also the passion and vision to turn ideas into exciting and impactful projects.

As the program coordinator of the cultural program and international residency program at the Goethe-Institut Salvador-Bahia, Leonel has experience leading teams and working collaboratively with other professionals to achieve common goals. This means he can bring a collaborative and efficient approach to any project, ensuring that all parties work together to achieve success.

As the business director of Melanina Acentuada Interactions, he demonstrated his ability to coordinate large-scale cultural projects, such as the “Dramaturgias da Melanina Acentuada” festival in various cities in Brazil.

His collaboration with the Marinaio Teatro in Berlin, Germany, allowed for the successful realization of several performances, including “The Stranger and Other Ordinary Tales” and “Floresta Debaixo do Mar.” His project “Circulação Floresta Debaixo do Mar: conexão Grécia-Brasil na Bahia” was the winner of the 2015 SECULT/BA Agitação Cultural grant.

In conclusion, Leonel Henckes is a versatile and talented professional with a unique combination of technical skills, passion for art, and innovative vision.

Lattes CV


As an Actor:

  • Horla – o inimigo invisível (2020) directed by Aldri Anunciação.
  • 16 Stories Towards Me (2017) directed by Christina Kyriazidi, co-production Leonel Henckes and Marinaio Teatro, Berlin-Germany.
  • Floresta Debaixo do Mar, FUNARTE Theater Award winner project Myriam Muniz 2014, with direction by Paula Lice and text by Christina Kyriazidi.
  • Fluchtpunkt (2013) adapted from the text “The New Tenant” by Eugène Ionesco, directed by Felix Guise and Christofer Ramm, produced by TIK Berlin, Germany;
  • The Stranger and Ordinary Tales (2013) directed by Christina Kyriazidi and Leonel Henckes, co-production Leonel Henckes and Marinaio Teatro, Berlin – Germany.
  • A Bicicleta do Condenado” (2008) from Fernando Arrabal;
  • “Otelo – o Mouro de Veneza” (2008) from William Shakespeare;
  • “Ao Vencedor as Batatas” Adapted from short stories by Machado de Assis, the show is the result of training with Martial Arts. Directed by Cesário Augusto.
  • “A Lição” (2006) from Eugène Ionesco;
  • O Piquenique no Front” (2005) from Fernando Arrabal;
  • “Jato de Sangue” (2005) from Antonin Artaud;
  • “Amor de Dom Perlimplim com Belisa em seu Jardim” (2005) from Federico Garcia Lorca;
  • “O Auto da Compadecida” from Ariano Suassuna;
  • “Salomé” (2004) from Oscar Wilde;
  • Breve Delírio Cômico de uma Tragédia Entediante” adapted from William Shakespeare (2004);

“Vagabundos do Infinito” Theatre Group:

  • Vida Acordada” (2007) created from the script of Richard Linklater’s “Waking Life” and the text “That Whole Thing” from “Asdrúbal Trouxe o Trombone”, script and direction by Paulo Márcio.
  • Noites em Claro” (2007) adaptation of old comic strips direction and adaptation by Paulo Márcio;
  • Horla” (2006) adapted from Guy de Maupassant’s short story;

Casting coach:

  • As Velhas, directed by Luiz Marfuz (Salvador, Bahia, 2010) nominated for the Braskem Theater Trophies in the categories: of best play, direction, and actress having won the latter through actress Andréa Elia. (http://www.espetaculoasvelhas.blogspot.com/)

Director assistant:

  • Rigoletto (2012), Giuseppe Verdi’s opera directed by Thomas Krupa – Theater Freiburg, Freiburg im Breisgau – Germany.
  • “Vista para a Velha Senhora” (2011) text by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, directed by Hebe Alves;
  • “Meu Nome é Mentira” (2011) text and direction by Luiz Marfuz.


  • Curatorship Training Program – Art in Public Space 2022. Promoted by the Goethe-Institut Salvador-Bahia with funding from the program Globale Förderung Bildende Kunst of the Goethe-Institut in partnership with Casa Rosa Salvador and the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia.
  • Festival Híbrido Vila Sul Multilanguage – held in several public spaces in Salvador, Bahia, and promoted by Goethe-Institut Salvador-Bahia, International Artistic Residency Program. 2020.
  • Magia Negra – Multilanguage Festival held in the Coaty space in Salvador-Bahia and promoted by the Goethe-Institut Salvador-Bahia. 2019.
  • FABVT – Future Afro-Brazilian Visions in Time – Exhibition project held at the Goethe-Institut Salvador-Bahia by curator Nadine Siegert, resident of the International Artistic Residency Program Vila Sul at the Goethe-Institut Salvador. 2017.
  • Project “Tourneé Forest Under the Sea: Greece-Brazil connection in Bahia” which took the theater play “Forest Under the Sea” and the Greek actress Christina Kyriazidi to 3 cities in the interior of Bahia accompanied by a workshop for public school students
  • In 2014, won the FUNARTE Theater Award Myriam Muniz for the staging of the play “Floresta Debaixo do Mar”, a co-production of Henckes Cultura (LH Produções) and Marinaio Teatro (Berlin) that premiered in Salvador/BA in 2015.
  • Project The Itinerant Book – the author meets his reader (2015) project funded by the Secretary of Culture of the State of Bahia (SECULT/BA) and which makes visits to 10 (ten) schools in the metropolitan region of Salvador taking a lecture by playwright Aldri Anunciação (Jabuti Prize for Literature 2013) and distributes 200 copies of the book Namibia, Não! to the students for free (www.facebook.com/olivroitinerante).
  • The Stranger and Ordinary Tales (2013) directed by Christina Kyriazidi and Leonel Henckes, co-production Leonel Henckes and Marinaio Teatro, Berlin – Germany.
  • A virtual catalog of Brazilian black playwrights and dramaturges Melanina Digital. The project was carried out with Oi Futuro sponsorship and launched in 2018.
  • Accentuated Melanin Dramaturgies Festival – 5th Edition – Salvador, Bahia 2018, with SECULT/BA sponsorship.
  • Festival Nova Dramaturgia da Melanina Acentuada – 4th Edition – Salvador, Bahia 2015, with the sponsorship of the Edictal Arte em Toda Parte – Year III of the City Hall of Salvador/BA and support of the Graduate Program in Performing Arts of the Federal University of Bahia and financial support of the PAEP edict of CAPES – Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel for the realization of the Seminar Nova Dramaturgia da Melanina Acentuada (www.melaninaacentuada.com.br);
  • Festival Nova Dramaturgia da Melanina Acentuada – 3rd Edition – Rio de Janeiro – winner project of the Edital for Occupation of the Teatro Dulcina – Rio FUNARTE – RJ.
  • Nova Dramaturgia da Melanina Acentuada – Second Edition Bahia 2014 with the sponsorship of the Center for Popular and Identity Cultures of SECULT/BA in partnership with FIAC Bahia 2014.
  • Show of theater play “Namibia, Não!”, dir. Lázaro Ramos, in the Year of Brazil in Portugal 2013 with sponsorship from MINC/BR;
  • New Dramaturgy of Accentuated Melanin (2012/2013) Winner of EDITAL FUNARTE DE OCUPAÇÃO DO TEATRO DE ARENA EUGÊNIO KUSNET – SÃO PAULO 2012.2 (Lecture Coordinator and Executive Producer).
  • Seminar Encenações de Brecht na Bahia (2011) – Graduate Program in Scenic Arts/UFBA.
  • Transcena – Theater and Shamanism (2007) produced by the Group “Vagabundos do Infinito”
  • 2008 season of the Group “Vagabundos do Infinito” in Porto Verão Alegre with a repertoire of 5 performances;